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Embarking on a vacation, planning a business trip, or simply entangled in the demands of your daily schedule? Our pet-sitting services ensure your pets remain in the comfort and safety of their home environment. Understanding that every pet has its own set of needs, we invite you to reach out to us for a customized care plan. Whether you have one pet or a bustling menagerie, including dogs, cats, or other types of pets, our team is eager to accommodate your specific requirements.

Our dog walking services are thoughtfully designed to keep your canine companion happy and healthy. Recognizing the varying needs of different dogs, we offer two distinct walking experiences:

Potty Dog Walk & Welfare Check-In

Perfect for those needing a quick break or a little outdoor time, our potty dog walk and welfare check-in lasts up to 30 minutes per visit. This service is ideal for ensuring your dog can relieve themselves and enjoy a brief period of exercise and fresh air, all while under the caring supervision of our experienced pet caregivers.

Power Dog Walk and Welfare Check-In

For dogs requiring more vigorous exercise or simply those who cherish longer walks, our power dog walk extends up to 60 minutes per visit. This service not only caters to your dog's physical health by providing them with an opportunity to burn off energy but also addresses their emotional well-being through interactive play and exploration. Coupled with a welfare check-in, it ensures your dog's overall happiness and contentment.

In every interaction with your pet, our dedicated team prioritizes safety, comfort, and enjoyment, ensuring that your pet receives not just a service, but a loving and enriching experience. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help make your life easier and your pet's life happier.

*Up to four pets. Pets have to be housebroken, able to walk on a leash and friendly (not aggressive behavior accepted). 

Pet-Sitting Service Pricing

Let us help you with your pets! Subject to the terms and conditions of the Services Agreement, including the Pet Sitting Waiver in section 11, we will provide the following for your pet: 

  • Potty dog walk & welfare check in (feeding and 30 minute potty walk).
  • Power dog walk & welfare check in (feeding and 60 minute power walk).

*Prices shown are per pet. Additional fee for homes outside of the 30-mile radius from business address.

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